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Daniel asks… another serious relationship after divorce? I have been seeing this guy for about four months. I am divorced with a 8 year old. He is funny, smart and he makes me really happy. I trust him. He is fixing to move in with me and my daughter. The question is, how can i […]
Linda asks… What are some good songs for a broken heart? Please no rock or fast beats, more slow and I don’t know, is soothing the right word… hm, well more comforting I guess. I just need to listen to something right now to get my mind off my broken heart </3 Andrew answers: 1.) […]
Daniel asks… Serious advice please How do i stop myself from feeling it is my fault if a loved 1 is unhappy? This is unusual for me to be serious as my friends would tell you. I constantly feel that if i had done or not done something , my daughters would have no upset […]
William asks… Is uncertainty a reason to breakup with someone? Ok so I met the perfect guy. He’s amazing. He cares for me, is loving, and is just perfect in my eyes. We have argued but worked out our problems. Everything is good between us. And even though I’m only 18 years old I want […]
Daniel asks… trying to win back my love with a cd? My ex recently gave me a cd with all of my favorite classical composers. I decided to do the same and list some of his favorite music and some others. Anyone have any depressing/emotional songs I can put? Andrew answers: Creep by radiohead. Steven […]
Ken asks… ALL MEN: Women dont worry your welcomed too!? Is this a logical statement/quote? “In the end it doesnt matter how much they made you laugh, how good they made you feel, and how good they look. In the end only thing that matters is if they love you for who you are they […]
Lisa asks… I need some help with my marriage!? Mentally abusive MAN!? So, I have been married 3 years. I do love my husband but surely dont feel in love with me. I don’t know why I even stay with him. I fear him when I tell him I want to leave him because he […]
Michael asks… Why do women in abusive relationships have psychological problems? Andrew answers: Because they can be scared to death of any person that raises their hand she might think its to hit her she might be traumatized take her to a therapist and report the abuse Chris asks… How many of you actually look […]
Laura asks… I wrote this song called “Mama Is A Lot Like Jesus” Is It Any Good? Verse 1- I’ve seen her give her last few dollars to man on the street, She works hard to make the money.. For us to have enough to eat, And I know she reads the Bible because she […]
Charles asks… A Symbol of Love; Please rate this poem? A Symbol Of Love Imagine; You’re a rosebush, growing in the wild. Surely you’d like to reproduce, -You’d wish to bear a child. Now, it’s not like you could run around, And try to find a mate. Your roots set firmly in the ground, And […]